Monday, October 31, 2011

Under Control

If I have mentioned before, Kathy Heizerlin was the founder of the Women's Group at Chinquapin; my goal is to do as much as she did when she was the leader of the club. Last year (2010-2011) some faculty members tried to bring the club back; it was a total failure because of the lack of responsibility and timing. Nevertheless, Liszette and I have come to a possible schedule: at least two meetings per month starting in January during PE time. That way, at least for the end of this year we will have ten  meetings. There will be faculty members involved like, Susan Davis, Dorothy Scrutchin, Cristina, Leslie Tamez, etc. Also, Jackie Ayears from Girls Inc. has volunteered to help us out with our project. Amazing blessing we've had with this awesome club. Now we need to take charge and accomplish these goals we have to reach and accomplish. the only issue I have encounter has been the transportation arrangement for the trips that I have intended to make. I'm not sure if the school will be willing to lend us the mini-school-buses or we have to car-pull. That has been my only concern so far. I also want to clarify that I don't want to make this club mandatory, I do wish for every Chinquapinian girl to join, but they will not be forced, it's they choice.


  1. I love that you and Liszette have taken initiative and are restarting something that was never meant to die, the Women's Group. I like how you have found teachers who are willing to be involved. Just make sure you are informing the teachers of their responsibilities. Even though they have agreed to be a part of this club, make sure they understand what you want them to do. Do you expect them to be at every meeting, will you be alternating teachers? Make sure that this part of your project is clear in order to ensure a smooth process. I wish you the best of luck and I hope that as many girls as can will join the club.

  2. I love your idea; I think this is something a lot of girls will benefit from. I have a small suggestion, I think, you should think about the "old Young Women's Group" and see if that's what you want to bring back or are you going to use that as base and construct a better club? Food for thought.

  3. While Reading your blog, I noticed that you've done your reseach about the founding of the program. It is good that you have a plan to start the program as far as setting meetings and things of that matter. It is also a good thing to bring this program back to life because people are going to come willingly. This will be the time for them to vent and ask questions. You should also establish a creed to to bring everybody together in sisterhood.