Thursday, October 27, 2011

Girl Power

I want this club to change lives, and improve the Chinquapin Girls' morality, and help them in their daily life improvement. What I have intended for this club to do is to let the girls know that they're not alone. They don't have to feel awkward within themselves. I want them to be comfortable and know if they can't have a sex talk with their parents they can come and have those talks in our club. My partner Liszette says, "We should have four of seminars and each will focus on teaching about one of the following: Self Esteem, Sex, Success and Etiquette. I want to focus on these topics and have the ladies informed on how to have a higher self esteem, use protection, strive for their goals and act during formal events. Learning these skills are essential to their futures." My colleague is right, we need to inform these ladies the importance of their actions. Many of us are very stressed and a simple comment can bring our self esteems down, or at our age (14-19), the T.V. commercial ads that promote run way models, and tell you what to eat can also bring us down, for we think that that is how society wants us to look. Sex: can be quite controversial, in some cases the Chinquapinian girls can't even have a decent conversation with their parents about sex. I think that everyone at this age should be somewhat informed about sex, the contraceptives and abstinance. If they can't have a simple talk with their parents, where can they? This is where our club comes in. We can talk about anyting and everything. Success: is such a great topic to talk about. Everyone wants to be successful, but many of us have no idea of how to reach these goals. And ediquette, we need to learn how to properly behave as we get older and we go to interviews for anything. Girls need to know the appropiate dresscode and if they get invited out to eat like a Galla, they need to be taught the right form of self-presentation. There should be no shame if a girl doesn't know a thing about these four things. This is why we are going to come and unite to inform ourselves about important things that will be used in our everyday life.


  1. I love how you actually say the motivation behind your project. As I read these blogs I see that the biggest problem in them is that kids don't mention their motivation. Yet, you clearly state you want to help girls. I think your project is a noble one, and I wish you the best of luck. However, I read your previous one and I am wondering who will help you supervise? And are you planning any trips? Maybe a trip to the woman's hospital? I think in order for this club to succeed you have to find a supervisor who will make sure it continues. This club will fade away unless you have someone to carry on your legacy.

  2. You mentioned that there will be a lot of group activity in this club, but what if the girl doesn't feel comfortable with sharing personal information with them and don't join the club. How will you reach out to the girls that really need the help and are to scared to come for help?

  3. What do you mean by this part: "if they get invited out to eat like a Galla"?