Monday, April 23, 2012

Myth vs. Reality

Today's meeting was about what we've heard from people around us, that are not always true (myths) and give them the correct information. The meeting went very well. I was so glad to inform these girls, because I know for the most part we were all misinformed and thought many of these myths were actually true. Most o my information was based on an awesome website Ana and I have used throughout our meetings. It's specially just for teens and it's amazing, Stay Teen is the name of this website.  While reading the post on this website, we came across on some information that I thought it was worth the share. ABSTINENCE. Sex, is always a very important issue to talk among young girls because some of us don't feel very comfortable talking to our parents about it. So, since we're all teens we feel secure and comfortable--specially if Ana and I are giving facts to these girls rather than just the worth in the streets. It was a very interesting conversation. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Relationships. The good and the bad.

Ana and I decided to have a meeting over relationships, and how they can be extremely time consuming and how some can be very harmful. The girls were very interested and they learned a lot. They now know how to deal with relationships that are no longer working and can be bad. Some of the things that the girls said wanted in a relationship with a guy or with a friend were: respect; charisma, communication; trust; physical appearance; someone they can present to family, etc. These characteristics were mention quite often, and they are important in a healthy relationship. Relationships can come and go, but one decides to make them last. We have to learn to let go of unhealthy relationships, it's hard at first, but as time continues new relationships come. "Happiness comes to those who seek it" as one of the videos we watched mentioned. A relationship can never go wrong if there's TRUST and COMMUNICATION. Many things can harm a relationship, but we can always make it work with these two main things.