Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best Meeting Yet

Monday, February 13 was another meeting with the girls. It was one of the best meetings by far, all the girls interacted very well and the conversations flowed very well. To start off our meeting Ana and I showed two clips from YouTube, which were very interesting and made us open our eyes, and realize that reality can be harsh sometimes. We agreed and disagreed with some of the things that the second video showed, but everything was great. The first video was about how little girls are starting to feel uncomfortable with their bodies, and who they are. They are so young and this is happening, it makes you think about us, how we see each other and are uncomfortable with one another.  The second video was mainly messages to us, most were reflections about our everyday life and what we do. We realize that there's other people out there with similar problems like us; we're no alone. Nevertheless, on February 21st, we have a small field-trip to Clear Lake to ride a horse-wagon. It should be exciting. It's sponsored by Girls, Inc. It's such an amazing privilege, and I can't wait to go.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


There had been some changes into our scheduled meetings. Bill, our principal, wasn't very enthusiastic about having the meetings every week, so now we have the meetings every other week. Ana and I are still working hard in coming up with a redesigned schedule. Most of our meetings, like I have said before are every other Monday. We've had a success so far, about 15 girls have showed up to our meetings. Last meeting we discussed about possible field trips that we can do as a group to be confident about our selves. Our meeting was about self image and how we see each other might not be the same way other people see us. We have yet to over come some of our fears and insecurities, but with time this shall be no problem, and we will all grow as a person. Allison has been such a great help in our meetings, she's so kind and patient. Since she has experience with girls and meetings she knows when there's a little bit of awkwardness in the room. There was an activity we did, which when I had planned it everything went went in my head, but as we proceeded many people were shy and didn't really participate. So, she decided to change the activity and helped us out. I was stiff, I wasn't planning on the activity to go so bad. But at the end everything was fine and we ended up having quite some fun. I guess it's true when they say that you learn from your mistakes. 


Allison Marek: She’s in Girls Inc. She has helped us in every meeting, guiding us by giving us hints and feedback of how to improve our meetings.

Rosita Waden: Counselor at Chinquapin-- gives us information with things such as psychology.

Susan Davis: Chinquapin faculty member, minored in Women’s Studies, and taught in two all-girls schools.

Kenny O’Donell: Personal mentor. He’s knowledgeable of the things we’ve gone throught o accomplish this project, and has been contacted for some of the meetingswe’ve had; to have a different view of things, not just a women’s perspective.

Bridget Anderson: Chinquapin Board member, and as a women of great experience she willgive us educational insight of improvement.