Thursday, February 2, 2012


There had been some changes into our scheduled meetings. Bill, our principal, wasn't very enthusiastic about having the meetings every week, so now we have the meetings every other week. Ana and I are still working hard in coming up with a redesigned schedule. Most of our meetings, like I have said before are every other Monday. We've had a success so far, about 15 girls have showed up to our meetings. Last meeting we discussed about possible field trips that we can do as a group to be confident about our selves. Our meeting was about self image and how we see each other might not be the same way other people see us. We have yet to over come some of our fears and insecurities, but with time this shall be no problem, and we will all grow as a person. Allison has been such a great help in our meetings, she's so kind and patient. Since she has experience with girls and meetings she knows when there's a little bit of awkwardness in the room. There was an activity we did, which when I had planned it everything went went in my head, but as we proceeded many people were shy and didn't really participate. So, she decided to change the activity and helped us out. I was stiff, I wasn't planning on the activity to go so bad. But at the end everything was fine and we ended up having quite some fun. I guess it's true when they say that you learn from your mistakes. 

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  1. I've been a part of sports teams and a few clubs from school and I didn't realize until this year that leadership and commitment determines the success of the group. My soccer coach taught me a lot of what I know about leadership but the most important lessons are those in which you learn by yourself. It sounds weird but taking time to look back at the things you did and how you did them is just as important to your learning. I mentioned that you have to commit yourself to the group when you're meeting but also outside the meeting(in crew, walking to class, chores, etc.). The girls that you're meeting with should feel important and that you can talk with them whenever you want. This helps to grow a nice, well rounded group of girls. The last and probably most important advice I can give you is that everyone in the group is equal, including yourself and Ana. Remember that even though you guys are running the show you guys can also learn something from them.
    Keep it up! and I hope my advice works for you.