Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best Meeting Yet

Monday, February 13 was another meeting with the girls. It was one of the best meetings by far, all the girls interacted very well and the conversations flowed very well. To start off our meeting Ana and I showed two clips from YouTube, which were very interesting and made us open our eyes, and realize that reality can be harsh sometimes. We agreed and disagreed with some of the things that the second video showed, but everything was great. The first video was about how little girls are starting to feel uncomfortable with their bodies, and who they are. They are so young and this is happening, it makes you think about us, how we see each other and are uncomfortable with one another.  The second video was mainly messages to us, most were reflections about our everyday life and what we do. We realize that there's other people out there with similar problems like us; we're no alone. Nevertheless, on February 21st, we have a small field-trip to Clear Lake to ride a horse-wagon. It should be exciting. It's sponsored by Girls, Inc. It's such an amazing privilege, and I can't wait to go.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that the girls are coming out of their shells and feel comfortable during the meetings. I watched both videos that you linked to in your blog, and you did a good job of choosing the right videos. The first one hit me more because it showed little girls who were worried about their looks and felt bad because they weren’t “perfect”. It is crazy how this idea of being “perfect” has worked its way down to young girls. They are worrying about things that are insignificant at their age and in life.