Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ladies Need to Take Charge

Sheryl Sandberg, the lady above inspired me so much. She explains how many women in this era want to be productive and take charge in their lives. How they fight for what they deserve and for what they've been thought in school. She explains how many women, in past years didn't really want to do much, they didn't fight for the higher working positions they would be please with what they would get. Leaders-- women taking initiative to do something great. This video inspired me to talk to this with the Ladies of Chinquapin for my Senior Project. We've been very lucky to attend such a great school, we're young educated ladies who only want the best for our future. We don't want to depend on anyone else but ourselves. And many haven't gotten the chance to get educated and informed about these things. We have the power to be the next leaders in our world. If many were to stop and reflect on this, they would realize that we can become the next Women President.


  1. This is a very complicated topic that you decided to choose. She talks a lot about how women tend to leave the work force or become disinterested after they have a child. Child bearing and caring for the child are reasons that come in between women seeking the "seat at the table". How will you talk to the girls in your group about getting pregant? Is it more important to have a child then it is to become the CEO of a company? Is being a mother not empowering enough? What is being "empowered"? These are all questions you can ask for a discussion someday.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. I look forward to coming back to it and viewing it later.

    Don't forget -- if I count this blog as late, you will need to post 2 more in October.