Thursday, September 29, 2011

Women's Group Project

The Chinquapin School has always been a place where everyone is very close to one another. Many have each other to express their feelings to their friends, specially the guys who board there. We girls leave everyday, and even though our friends are here, we are just so busy we hardly have time to talk to anyone about anything. We used to have the Women's Group two years ago, and with everyone being so busy they neglected the club; rapidly dissolving. When I was in 10th grade, there was only two or three meetings in one year. Technically, it was two, for the first one was introduction and the purpose of the club. We have Young Women's Group, which is only for the lower school girls. I've been told that this group is very helpful and it makes you connect with the other girls in school. I want the same thing for the upper school girls. We are transforming from young immature kids to getting a sense of what life really is about--maturing. 

This will be very useful for all the upper school ladies at Chinquapin. I can have the Ladies from the Junior League of Houston come over to give speeches and get the meetings going with a constant flow. I can also have some of the staff members of our school participating in this club.If field trips are allowed, I was thinking of all of the ladies involved with this club having a fund raiser to cover for the costs of such trips. I've looked up affordable places and Discovery Green is open for the public, no cost at all. Nevertheless, I hope this project ends up to be a success with the help of my classmate Liszette, whom I have partnered up with to make this project successful. The Ladies of Chinquapin shall soon come back to our community. 
    I can be contacted at:
    Cell Phone: (832) 343-5320 
    Address: 3806 Lila St. Houston, TX. 77026

    Alejandra Badillo 


  1. It’s a great thing that your trying to help these young women, because a lot of people don’t understand the struggles that we endure on a daily basis. Every girl has her own story to tell, but how can she fully develop and discover her true self if no one ever listens. I love the idea of having field trips and fundraisers because it gives the girls a chance to bound on another level and gain trust from one another. I know from the beginning you were having a hard time discovering your project, but I think you’ve found your interest in helping these girls, but remember to lead by example.

  2. I always wondered why Women's Group died out. I know that girls in the past have been somewhat jealous of the boys' boarding. They have said that the boys get more time to bond since they live together, which is true. This bonding experience is something that the girls lack unless the time spent on the bus in taking into consideration. Nonetheless, I strongly hope this idea of yours comes to fruition, because it is something that girls need and deserve.

  3. I love that you have taken the initiative to bring back Women’s Group at Chinquapin. One suggestion, I would like to give you is to talk to Kathy Heinzerling. I remember that she was very passionate about the girls and the group. She was the one in charge of making the group discussions and organizing field trips, maybe she can guide you and help you determine what are the requirements in running a successful group. Good Luck!