Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have nothing else to say, but how excited I am for this project. Procrastination has caught up with us, but we are working hard within the time given to us. It has been so hard for us to keep track of the deadlines that we had set for ourselves; with Finals, College Applications, and other school work is hard to keep track of our project. For future reference to future Senior Chinquapinians: DO NOT leave this project for the last minute. This project needs plenty of devotion, time and dedication. When December comes all you're going to be worried about is Finals, College Apps, and homework. No time for Senior project? You'll have to learn to manage some time in so you can do this project.

Nevertheless, I'm almost done with my timeline-- which is looking very well so far. All my meetings will be taking place during P.E. The way I've designed my timeline is to where we have a meeting once a week, every Tuesday. I think we can work with that schedule.

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