Monday, March 26, 2012


Kori, Ana and I decided to have a fitness day as one of our meetings. Kori volunteered to bring a Zumba DVD and for us to use it as an activity/exercise meeting. Everything went great. The girls were a little timid, but at the end everything was great. They became comfortable and the process went well. This meeting was really important for us. We learned that exercising everyday and drinking lots of water helps your system a lot. It helps if one feels stressed, angry, anxious, depressed, etc. It relieves some of these feelings and it really does help. One feels energetic and less stressed. Our attitude definately changed and we hope that the girls take advantage of this. We thank Kori for providing the DVD.


  1. Hey Ale. I was reading my book about outdoor leadership, and I came across a chapter which talked about women in the outdoors. It was a great chapter because it said that women shouldn’t feel that the outdoors is only for men. It went off talking about how women contribute to outdoor expeditions and how more women should get involved with the outdoors. I would be glad to show you the chapter at school, and maybe you could share it with your women’s group.

  2. That sounds really interesting Richard. I'll be more than glad to read the chapter, and share it with the girls.